“Medium” state of emergency declared due to weather

The Ministry of Local Administration declared a medium state of emergency across the Kingdom, starting Saturday noon, as a weather depression with heavy rainfall is forecast to affect the country. In a press release, the ministry asked emergency rooms in municipalities and joint service councils across governorates and districts to be alert and respond to any accidents or disruptions. The ministry told the 122 emergency rooms spread across the country to promptly deal with any weather-related incidents and update the main emergency room in Amman on the situation. It asked joint service councils and municipal affairs directorates to ensure machinery, equipment and emergency response teams are ready and continue to check early on the condition of ferries and main roads. The Ministry called on various entities to fully coordinate with the administrative governors, operations rooms of the Ministries of Public Works and Interior, the Civil Defense, the Jordan Armed Forces and the Greater Amman Municipality. It called on residents in low-lying areas where flash floods can form to stay clear for their safety.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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