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Yemeni Armed Forces target US oil ship & number of US warships

In response to the calls of our beloved Yemeni people for triumphing the oppressed Palestinian people, and within the retaliation to the American-British aggression against our country.

The naval forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out a specif…

Internal Affairs

Speech of Revolution leader at four o’clock

The leader of the revolution,al-Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi will deliver a speech at four in the afternoon today about the latest developments.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Buying & Selling

MSX Drops 33 Points

Muscat Stock Exchange (MSX) general index (30) today lost (33.9) points, comprising a drop by (0.75%) to close at (4485.49) points, compared to the last session, which stood at (4519.42) points.

The trading value today stood at (RO 6,910,992), compr…

Oman Oil Price Drops 1.24 US Dollars

Oman oil price (February delivery 2024) today reached 79 US Dollars, comprising a drop by 1.24 US Dollars from the price of yesterday (Wednesday), which stood at 80.24 US Dollars.

The average price of Oman oil (December delivery 2023) has stabilized…

Arts & Culture

Ministry launches studies for more reliance on renewable energy

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, in collaborating with partners, is conducting studies to increase reliance on local energy sources, particularly renewable energy, and align with the global trend to reduce the carbon footprint and mitigat…

Amman Summer Festival kicked off activities

Events of Amman Summer Festival on Friday evening kicked off in Al Hussein Gardens, by a concert performed by the Jordanian singer, Nida’a Sharara, in presence of Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) Mayor, Yousef Shawarbeh. The festival’s launching cerem…

15th International Honey Festival Held in Baha

Vice Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Mansour Al-Mushaiti inaugurated yesterday the 15th International Honey Festival, organized by the ministry and the Beekeepers Cooperative Association (BCA) at the association’s headquarters in Baljura…

Jordan, Egypt’s culture ministers hold symposium on culture, art

Minister of Culture Haifaa Najjar said, “We have a lot of vocabulary and heritage elements in the Arab world, which are among the richest elements in the world, and we must protect this heritage and its privacy by empowering people.”In a symposium as …