Highways’ Patrols continues Iftar initiative to urge drivers to slow down at sunset

Amman, Mar 28 (Petra) — The Department of Highways’ Patrols at Public Security Department (PSD) continued its “Slow down; your Iftar is with us”, initiative, which aims to provide drivers with Iftar meals at sunset during the holy month of Ramadan and urge them to be careful and slow down while driving in order to preserve their lives. Through its initiative, launched at the beginning of Ramadan, the Highways’ Patrols Department provided dates, water, and Iftar meals to drivers on highways, in addition to allocating dining tables for those who wish to rest at the integrated stations on highways, especially for those who drive long distances between the governorates. The department leveraged this occasion to emphasize the social fabric and the human nature of the PSD’s work, while performing its important role in provide advice and instructions aimed at securing drivers to reach their destinations safely. The PSD said it raised readiness in all formations and units, focusing on educational and advisory roles, to ensure a safe environment during the holy month of Ramadan, urging drivers to slow down and adhere to traffic rules on internal roads and highways.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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