State Security Court examines terror cases involving 35 persons

Amman, The State Security Court (SCC) on Monday held several hearings into a number of terror cases involving 35 persons, some of them were affiliated with the Daesh group.

In one of the cases, 9 persons, including a fugitive, are being tried for plotting to carry out terrorist attacks on Jordanian soil using improvised explosives heeding an edict issued by the terrorist Daesh organization. They face the charges of conspiracy to carry out terrorist acts, promoting the ideology of a terrorist group and joining terrorist organizations.

In another case, the accused planned to assault police personnel in Ma’an (some 218KM south of Amman) and steal arms to carry out terrorist attacks against the police and terrorize the public.

Separately, the SCC started the trial of a man accused of plotting to carry out a terrorist operation against the General Intelligence Department (GID) office in Zarqa using firearms. The defendant, who is in prison since September 2017, pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him that he had threatened to launch terrorist attacks or tried to join militant and terrorist organizations.

According to the indictment, since early 2016, the accused began to follow Daesh news and publications until he became one of its supporters and was convinced that this organization pursues the application of Islamic Sharia and establishment of a caliphate.

Soon afterwards, the defendant shared and circulated Daesh news and propaganda publications with his friends and acquaintances through WhatsApp. By mid-2016, the accused had a desire to join Daesh in Syria and fight alongside the group. He started to look for a safe passage to go to Syria but couldn’t find any, and that led him to defer the idea, according to the indictment.

By mid-2017, the defendant planned to carry out an armed operation on Jordanian soil and picked the GID Zarqa office as a target. He monitored the building and looked for a firearm to carry out the attack but was arrested before carrying out the plot, according to the indictment.

Source: Jordan News Agency