Iraq urges Jordanian contractors to partake in rebuilding Iraq

Amman, President of the Jordanian Construction Contractors Association (JCCA), Ahmad Yacoub, on Saturday received a document listing reconstruction projects the Iraqi government intends to launch. This came during a meeting with President of the Iraqi Contractors Federation (ICF) Ali Sanafi.

During the meeting, Yacoub said: “Cooperation between the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the JCCA has culminated with granting Jordanian contractors a preferential treatment over other contractors.”

He pointed out that an official Jordanian delegation had visited Iraq to make necessary arrangements in preparation for a ministerial delegation visit to set the mechanisms to implement joint cooperation in industrial and construction sectors.

Sanafi said that the ICF intends to float tenders for small- and large-scale projects in 2019, after approving the public budget of USD19 billion.

Source: Jordan News Agency