Interior minister forms committee to investigate renewing wanted person passport

Amman, Interior Minister Salameh Hammad decided to form a committee to investigate into circumstances and reasons behind renewing the passport of a wanted person outside the Kingdom.

Following discussions on the issue recently raised by media outlets, the Interior Ministry said Saturday the Interior Minister hasn’t issued any approvals in this regard, in accordance with instructions issued by the Ministry of Interior, which prohibits the renewal of passports of wanted persons outside the country in order to preserve the rights of others.

In in a press statement, the ministry added that wanted persons are granted urgent travel documents that entitle them to return to the country only and not to travel to any other country for the purpose of enforcing verdicts issued against them upon their return to the Kingdom.

The ministry stressed that the renewal of the passport referred to in the manner that was done is an explicit violation of instructions in force and severe measures against violators will be taken.

Source: Jordan News Agency