Huneiti: Armed forces capable of dealing with any threats

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maj. Gen. Yousef Huneiti Monday reiterated that the Jordan Armed Forces- Arab Army and security services have the capacity and professionalism to deal with any domestic and regional threats.


Security forces have the capability to tackle with force any threat to the Kingdom’s borders or any attempt to undermine its security and intimidate its citizens in keeping with their commitment towards the country and its Hashemite leadership, he said during a military drill.


Huneiti reasserted the armed forces’ role in “maintaining the prestige of the state and consolidating its strategic and historical position,” pointing to the efforts security bodies are making “at this stage to overcome all the crises that recently beset the country, and ensure that Jordan continues in its vital role towards the many regional issues.”


During the tactical exercise, dubbed “Homeland Shield” and carried out by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Rapid Intervention Brigade, King Abdullah II Special Forces Group, the Border Guard Battalion/ 6 of the Eastern Military Region and the Royal Air Force, the army chief was briefed by commanders of the participating units on the various stages of the exercise.


These feature different scenarios to test the units’ readiness and capability to carry out their tasks at the various operational and logistical levels, as well as planning, coordination and implementation.


The exercise included rapid attacks by airborne forces and machinery in which all types of tactical weapons were used, backed by artillery and engineering units, where Royal Air Force jets bombed high-value targets, in addition to shooting from various heavy, medium, light and anti-armor weapons, as well as combat in built-up areas and aerial storming and landing operations.


During the exercise, which was attended by senior army officers, Huneiti conveyed to the troops the greetings of His Majesty, the Supreme Commander, and his confidence and pride in the armed forces, expressing his admiration for the professionalism and high morale displayed by the participants.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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