Cabinet holds its first video conferencing session, takes a number of decisions

The Council of Ministers on Wednesday held its first teleconferencing session, using a special electronic application, headed by Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz.

Minister of State for Prime Ministerial Affairs Sami Dawoud said the session comes within the framework of activating government video conferencing meetings, as part of plans to sustain the work, and within the government’s measures to fight the novel coronavirus.

Dawoud said: “There was an extensive discussion during the video conferencing session, attended by the majority of ministers, and examined the draft resolutions approved by the relevant ministerial committees to handle the virus fight.

The Cabinet teleconferencing sessions will continue over the next two weeks until further notice, in compliance with the government’s precautionary and preventive measures to deal with the novel coronavirus.

On the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers, the Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adayleh, pointed out the Cabinet approved an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Cyprus in the field of tax cooperation, and a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs and the German Hans Seidel Foundation in the field of awareness and political empowerment, and a draft bylaw of Jordan Judicial Institute for 2020.

Source: Jordan News Agency