UN secretary general voices concern over military escalation in south Syria

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres voiced deep concern over the recent military escalation in southwestern Syria including ground and aerial bombardment.

A statement issued on his behalf said that ground offensives and aerial bombardments, have resulted in the displacement of thousands of civilians, the majority of whom are moving toward the Jordanian border.

The statement said that the secretary-general is also concerned about the significant risks these offensives pose to regional security.

“The secretary-general underscores the fragile situation of civilians in southern Syria. He calls for an immediate end to the current military escalation and urges all stakeholders to respect their obligations under international law and international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure,” it added.

“On the de-escalation and cease-fire arrangements that have provided relative calm in southwestern Syria over the past year, Guterres urges all to exercise restraint and uphold these commitments as a matter of priority”.

Source: Jordan News Agency