Today’s education is tomorrow’s economy: Prime Minister

Investing in today’s education is tomorrow’s economy, Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, stressed, adding that moving forward in this file, which his Majesty the King considers as top priority, builds a better future for next generations.

During his visit early Wednesday to meet Minister of Education, Azmi Mahafzah, and the Central Planning Committee in the Ministry of Education, Razzaz said: “Education is the key to dealing with our economic and political issues, and is the way to enhancing the concepts of citizenship.”

Razzaz pointed out that the cabinet approved to establish a system for private education institutions to regulate unjustified hikes in tuition. It also regulates the process of paying teachers through bank accounts and insures they get paid on summer vacation.

He expressed hope to continue with voluntary projects and initiatives the ministry has started to implement. These initiatives, he added, come within a strategic national framework to develop human recourses.

It is very important to take care of the education environment and improve schools conditions and facilities, which sometimes constitute an obstacle for students, Razzaz noted.

He emphasized the importance of renewable energy for schools and the necessity of giving priority in the first phases of the project to the hot areas that are exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Mahafzah said the Ministry of Education continues with the institutional approach and with implementing projects and initiatives that would improve education and go inline with His Majesty King Abdullah’s directives in investing in education to reach an encompassing renaissance Jordan has been pursuing at all levels.

Source: Jordan News Agency