Razzaz presents government policy statement 3rd LD

No doubt, sectors such as agriculture, tourism, medical tourism, construction, health services, information technology, business services and manufacturing industries, support the national economy and therefore, must be given due attention and obstacles facing them must be removed” he said.

In the tourism and medical tourism sector, the government will implement several programs and projects aimed at increasing the contribution of tourism to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and enhancing the Kingdom’s presence on the regional and international tourism map.

In agriculture, he said, the government is aware of the hardships facing the sector as a result of the regional situation, the border closures and the limited markets for exports. The government pledges to give this sector the importance it deserves, and will draft a comprehensive plan to increase the contribution of the agricultural sector to support the national economy.

In the Letter of Designation, His Majesty urged the continuation of the political reform process, building on what has been achieved in previous years, reviewing the legislation regulating political life, enhancing the role of the parties, supporting governorate and municipal councils and enabling them to carry out their duties in the service of the country and the citizen.Therefore, the government pledges to open a serious and meaningful dialogue, through which we will come up with a plan to implement the Jordanian democratic model set forth in the seven Royal discussion papers, leading to parliamentary and partisan governments that work to promote our democratic process.

The prime minister said that the government will make a comprehensive review of decentralization, to identify the advantages and enhance them, and to overcome the challenges facing the work of the governorates councils, within the framework of the development priorities, in order to improve the experience and ensure that it will reflect the level of services provided to citizens.

The government, he added, is also determined to improve the performance of official media institutions and enhance their role in serving the country and the citizen, and monitoring the performance of institutions.

The government will also commit itself to creating an appropriate atmosphere for media freedoms, while emphasizing the need to respect the values of responsible freedom, respect for opinion and counter opinion, avoiding insult and defamation, respect for the right to access to information and the necessary amendments to legislation governing the media sector.

These, he added will enhance the role of the media in protecting society, enhancing the level of awareness among individuals, instilling the values of love and tolerance, and strengthening the image of Jordan as an incubator for culture, art and creativity.

On financial reforms, Razzaz said the government will revisit the tax system, and distribute this burden in a fair manner.

The government, he said will continue these financial reforms and will develop a national program for financial and economic reforms in the short, medium and long terms, stressing that this trend is a higher national interest.

Source: Jordan News Agency