PSD chief orders expanding search for missing Zarqa man

Public Security Directorate (PSD) Director Maj. Gen. Hussein Hawatmeh, on Monday, gave instructions to expand the search for a young man who was swept by floods in Wadi Al-Qamar in the Zarqa Governorate last week.

He also gave directives to use all available technical and human resources and intensify the search in the river.

The PSD on Monday morning provided additional manpower and machinery, including a gendarmerie special task battalion and a company from the PSD’s Desert Brigade Command, to back up Civil Defense Department (CDD) teams that have been scouring the area since the man went missing on Wednesday evening.

Drones, equipped with cameras linked to a command and control bus, flew over the rugged region and search dogs were used in addition to boats that scanned the waters at the King Talal Dam.

For the sixth day in a row, CDD specialized rescue and diving crews continued the search operation with the participation of civil defense and local volunteers.

Source: Jordan News Agency