Police shoot, kill wanted outlaw in ambush

A security taskforce killed a dangerous outlaw, who reportedly opened fire at the agents while trying to arrest him, a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) source announced Sunday.

CID personnel were pursuing the suspect, who is classified as “very dangerous wanted outlaw ” with a criminal record that includes attempted murder, shooting, carrying arms, theft, rape, extortions and others. After receiving a tip-off, the CID ambushed the outlaw inside a car with another suspect in southern Amman, but once the criminal spotted the police, he began shooting at them.

The armed outlaw was injured in the exchange of fire, moved to the hospital for treatment, but he was pronounced dead soon.

Police seized the weapons used in exchange of fire and arrested the other criminal who was with the outlaw in the car, who turned out to be wanted for shooting and injuring a policeman in a raid carried out to arrest him two years ago .

Source: Jordan News Agency