PM affirms importance of Jordan’s competitiveness as tourist destination 1st, final add

On his part, the President of the Private Hospitals Association, Fawzi Hammouri, gave a briefing on the reality of the Kingdom’s medical tourism and the challenges facing the sector.

With 70 private hospitals across the Kingdom, Hammouri said this number constitutes 60% of the total number of the country’s treatment facilities, with JD3 billion investment.

Hammouri noted the medical tourism is receiving attention from His Majesty King Abdullah II and the government, adding Jordan is always qualified to be a destination for medical tourism, thanks to medical progress, competitive prices, stability, diplomatic relations and the role of the Ministry of Health in the elimination of communicable diseases.

Citing obstacles, he said one of the most important challenges facing medical tourism and private hospitals is related to visa obtainment for restricted nationalities,as well as regional competition, the accumulation of hospital debts, debts on Libyan patients, and the high operating costs, especially the electricity bill.

He called for facilitating the procedures for hospitals to obtain solar energy and reconsidering the pricing of medicines and medical supplies.

He also stressed the need to adopt the viewpoints of the PHA for legislation related to the medical sector, and called for the acceleration of the amendment of the private hospitals regulations.

Source: Jordan News Agency