On Balfour anniversary, APU president calls for Palestinian unity

Amman, President of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (APU), Atef Tarawneh, Saturday said that confronting Israel in the Palestinian territories requires unifying the Palestinian ranks and exerting effort for reconciliation.

Tarawneh, who is also the speaker of the House of Representatives, underscored in a statement that on the 102nd anniversary of the infamous Balfour Declaration, Jordan will remain committed to supporting the Palestinians and defending Jerusalem.

He pointed out that the Arab and Islamic world is suffering from division that calls for continued coordination and unity to keep the Palestinian cause present on the agenda of Arab and Muslim decision makers.

Tarawneh confirmed that the House of Representatives will continue to stand by the Palestinian people in all international parliamentary forums, stressing the house’s support for all official procedures and steps aimed at the release of Jordanian detainees Heba al-Labadi and Abdul Rahman Marei.

He called on world powers and influential centers to exert pressure on the Israeli government to release all prisoners and detainees in Israeli detention centers.

In a different press statement issued by the APU, Tarawneh stressed that regional stability is contingent on reaching a comprehensive settlement to the Arab’s central cause, that of Palestine.

Source: Jordan News Agency