Media, education, and industry ministers hold press briefing

Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh, Education Minister, Tayseer Nuaimi, and Industry Minister, Tareq Hamouri, on Sunday held a press briefing to talk about repercussions of the novel coronavirus, and the mechanisms and procedures taken by the Council of Ministers to address it.

Adaileh said: ” In light of the local and international developments, the Cabinet discussed repercussions of this crisis, and decided to form ten ministerial teams to ensure sustained work and oversee the ensuing ramifications.”

Adaileh noted these teams are distributed on following up on the following areas: Health care, the border crossings and airports organization, social protection, the strategic stockpile, the distance learning, sustained work, field management, media follow-up, national economy protection, and the legal affairs.

During this phase, Adaileh said media briefings will be limited to local TV stations, in implementation of government’s decisions to bar gatherings and scaledown meetings as possible, expressing openness and cooperation with the media, as inquiries will be directly submitted through the Prime Ministry’s media units.

In response to a question on leniency on testing citizens and visitors coming to the Kingdom, he affirmed the government will not compromise concerning this issue, adding entrance and exit procedures at airports and border crossings are “strict and effective.”

All those coming from abroad undergo a medical test, and some who came from countries hit by the outbreak are quarantined according to the precautionary measures followed by the Ministry of Health, and according to the instructions of the World Health Organization (WHO), he pointed out.

The Ministry of Health, he said, has identified hospitals that citizens can carry out a virus-related test, adding two private sector laboratories also conduct the test.

Source: Jordan News Agency