Labour Minister issue instructions on flexible work, working remotely

Amman, Labour Minister, Nidal Bataineh, Chairman of the Civil Service Council, has issued a circulation to ministries, institutions, public bodies and government departments, to take a number of measures in case of difficulty in applying flexible working hours and working remotely.

One of these measures is to entrust the human resources units in ministries, government departments and institutions to limit urgent needs of employees in this regard, and provide the opportunity for employees with urgent needs associated with accompanying children to submit annual leave for a period of (10) working days deducted from the balance of annual leave for employees, without affecting their financial entitlements, Bataineh said in a statement.

He added, “In the absence of a balance for the annual leave, these employees are granted, after the approval of the minister, an annual leave for a period of (10) working days, provided that this period is compensated by working outside the official working hours and official holidays in the future.”

Bataineh indicated that ministries, institutions, public bodies and government departments must take decisions related to the above, not later than the end of the official working hours on Monday 16/3/2020, provided that the basic and critical jobs are taken into account when making the decision in this regard, and all employees must abide by the decisions of the ministers and those who have the right to take what they deem appropriate in this regard, as appropriate, taking into consideration the above.

These measures came regarding cases of parents of government employees who are not included in the decision of working remotely, taking into account the conditions of employees in the public sector, by which they have to stay with their children, in light of measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including the suspension of educational institutions works.

Source: Jordan News Agency