Jordan supports reconstruction efforts in Iraq, ambassador

Jordan’s participation in Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq (KICRI), which kicked off Monday, and the ministerial meeting of the US-led International Coalition against terrorism tomorrow, is a clear indication of the Kingdom’s support for efforts aimed at achieving stability in Iraq and its commitment to fighting terrorism, Jordan’s ambassador in Kuwait Saqr Abu Shattal said.

Responding to a question by Petra’s reporter, the ambassador stressed the importance of the coalition’s meeting, which will be hosted by Kuwait on Tuesday, as part of efforts to fight terrorism and to deal with the post-Daesh military defeat stage.

He confirmed that the military successes achieved against Daesh do not mean the end of the security threat of terrorism, but highlights the importance of continuing efforts to confront terrorism and extremism in the region and the world.

Abu Shattal added that such participation highlighted Jordan’s support for the Iraq government’s efforts to achieve national reconciliation as well as stability and security in various regions of Iraq, stressing Jordan’s readiness to provide more assistance and cooperation in this field.

The ambassador also praised Kuwait’s efforts in hosting the two meetings as part of its national role to serve the Arab nation’s issues.

Source: Jordan News Agency