JAEC Chairman: Small Modular Reactors does not cancel large nuclear plant option

Amman, Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission JAEC, Khaled Toukan, said that Jordan’s current approach to Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) does not mean canceling the option of building a large nuclear plant in the next stage of Jordan’s peaceful nuclear program.

In press remarks on Sunday, Toukan said the memorandum of understanding (MoU) which was signed with Russia last Thursday to move towards SMRs comes within the framework of the kingdom’s drive to diversify energy sources and enhance local sources, adding that the MoU was in line with the economic and financial challenges encountered by the Kingdom.

He stressed that these reactors are of a relatively high thermal category, which requires a small amount of water for cooling with reasonable cost compared to large nuclear power plants.

On May 24, 2018, a Project Development Agreement has been executed between JAEC and Rosatom Overseas to enable the parties to conduct a joint feasibility study for a Russian-designed SMR construction project in Jordan. Both parties stand to benefit from exploring the collaboration on the SMR, and the viability and potential for deployment in Jordan due to the changing situation in the Jordanian energy market.

Last December JAEC and the U.S.-based company X-energy signed a MoU to conduct necessary studies for the building a gas-cooled nuclear reactor, with a total capacity of 76 megawatts.

Toukan stressed the importance of the nuclear reactor, as it can help in generating electricity, water desalination and other industrial applications.

“This type of reactor is part of Jordan’s efforts to diversify energy resources and part of the country’s program to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,” said Toukan, adding that the SMR is the nexus between 3rd and 4th generation technologies.

Source: Jordan News Agency