House committee meets Bavarian Parliament official

The Jordanian-German Foreign Affairs Committee met on Monday with Ambassador of the Federal and European Affairs Committee of the Bavarian Parliament, Federal Republic of Germany, Franz Rijer, to discuss bilateral development cooperation.

During the meeting, Chairman of the Committee, MP Ra’ed Khazaeleh, said Jordan has played a key role over the past years to address the refugee crises in the Middle East.

The world has helped Amman to tackle the refugee problem, but this aid does not rise to the desired level. A collective effort at the world level to assist refugees in Jordan is needed, he pointed out.

On a related agenda, head of the Jordanian-German Friendship Committee, Dr. Issa al-Khashashneh, said refugees need education, health and food, and dereliction will have negative implications as forces of terrorism and extremism trigger suffering to everybody around the world.

In turn, Rijer said discussions are an opportunity to learn how Jordan tackled the issue of Syrian refugees from economic, social and political angles, in view of Germany’s interest in Mideast developments, in a bid to identify the necessary support that helps solve the region’s current crises.

Germany has already offered Amman 590 million euros to help it face economic hardships, he added.

Source: Jordan News Agency