Hneifat discusses increasing agricultural exports to Europe

Minister of Agriculture Khaled Hneifat said the export challenge is a priority for the ministry, which facilitate exports through special procedures.

Hneifat made his remarks during a meeting with Chief Commissioner of the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission, Captain Haitham Mesto, on Tuesday, in which they discussed ways to increase agricultural exports to Europe and explore marketing outlets for Jordanian exports of vegetables and fruits, in light of the lack of marketing Jordan is suffering from due to border closures.

The two officials discussed mechanisms of exporting vegetables and fruits to Europe and transport facilitation to ensure that the Jordanian product could compete with international vegetables, as the Jordanian product ahs gained popularity in European markets.

The meeting tackled engaging meat importers and vegetables and fruits exporters in using air cargo charter services to transport vegetables and fruits to Europe and return with imported meat, which reduces freight costs as well as examining alternatives and costs for reception points in Europe and study offers from all carriers in order to increase exports.

The meeting was attended by a number of exporters from vegetables, fruits and meat sectors

Source: Jordan News Agency