Health Ministry authorizes private sector labs for COVID-19 testing

The Health Ministry has approved MedLab and BioLab laboratories for conducting tests for the COVID-19.

Director of the laboratories department at the ministry, Mahmoud Ghazou, said these labs will adhere to specific standards for conducting the test, including type of the medical equipment used and the precautions necessary for the safety of their staff, who collect the samples.

The labs will abide by the Public Health Law and report the number of tests conducted, in addition to sending samples of positive results to the ministry, which will re-test the sample, he stated.

The ministry, he noted, will announce in the coming days other authorized laboratories for conducting the COVID-19 test after confirming their technical and biological ability for this purpose.

The Ministry of Health placed the test price at JOD 70, Ghazou stated, adding the quality of the tests was determined depending on the molecular biology technique.

Source: Jordan News Agency