Gov’t allocates JD26 million for empowerment and employment program

Amman, Minister of Labor Ali Gezawi said that the Ministry of Labor has completed the quarterly evaluation of the National Program for Empowerment and Employment launched by the government in early September last year.

The program aims to empower and employ Jordanians in key sectors including industry, tourism, agriculture, construction, services (incubators), and energy after training to engage in the labor market.

The minister pointed out that the indicators are very positive, and that the plan to implement the program is moving in the right direction, pointing out that the government allocated JD100 million dinars for five years, to implement the program, through incentives to subscribers and through supporting some activities and sectors directly to reduce the high turnover rates .

He pointed out that through the program, the percentage of foreign workers in the targeted sectors will be reduced by 10-25 percent for 5 years. The program was designed mainly on the principle of empowering labor researchers through training programs with the participation of the private sector.

Source: Jordan News Agency