Government backs industrial sector, says head of chamber

Amman, Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) President Fathi Al-Jaghbir said Monday that the government stands with the industrial sector as a key lifeline against the hardships and challenges facing the national economy.

“We began to feel today that the current government is working with us in a real partnership, and there is interest in the local industry,” Al-Jaghbir told a press conference to address the leather and weaving industry.

The industrial sector is a key employer of Jordanian labour, pointing out that 240,000 male and female labourers are employed in more than 18,000 industrial facilities across the Kingdom, in addition to new factories seeking to expand or launch new manufacturing.

He said JCI reached an advanced stage regarding the need to protect the national industry by reducing production costs and reciprocal treatment with countries that impose restrictions on Jordanian imports.

Ihab Qadri, representative of the leather and weaving industry, said that the sector has achieved remarkable results during the past years in terms of the national economy and employment of Jordanians.

He pointed out that the sector accounts for about 29 percent of total employment in the industrial sector, and contributes about 26 percent of the total national exports.

Source: Jordan News Agency