Freak downpours, floods wreak havoc in Ruweished

Mafraq, Ruweished Mayor Mohammed al-Ghayyath said Tuesday that vast areas of the eastern district have been inundated by unseasonal heavy downpours that lashed the country yesterday, triggering flash floods and mudslides and causing damage to property and infrastructure.

He told Petra News Agency in an interview that the municipality is pursuing efforts to deal with the aftermath of the floods that swept through the region, adding that municipal crews and machinery were still working to “contain the effects of this emergency situation with the available resources.” He pointed to dilapidated roads in the desert region, and the absence of warning signs on roads, particularly the Amman-Baghdad Highway and the road from Mafraq to the Karamah border post with Iraq, that caused hazards to motorists.

The mayor said a campaign will be launched, in cooperation with the Directorate of Agriculture, to remove the rivers of mud that formed in low-lying areas and marshes, which posed a risk to public health, urging the local population for extra caution until “the effects of the weather conditions end.

Source: Jordan News Agency