Expats’ medical tests “very low” compared to actual cost: Health ministry

Amman, The Ministry of Health said the fees collected from expatriates in exchange for laboratory tests were “very low” compared to their actual cost, and don’t cover expenses of one test conducted by its departments.

The ministry’s step to raise fees for expatriates’ medical tests from JD30 to JD85 yesterday came in the light of its studies related to the tests’ actual cost, the ministry’s spokesperson, Hatem Azrei, said in a press statement on Thursday.

Azeri said the ministry, in its pursuit to take more precautionary measures, has expanded in the laboratory tests conducted for expatriates.

500, up to 600 expatriates, visit chest diseases and expatriate health departments every day for the purpose of residence and work permits, which is a heavy burden to provide the necessary equipment used in the test and diagnosis operations, he pointed out.

Azrei pointed to the ministry’s keenness to take all preventive and remedial measures that preserve the society’s health and fend off contagious diseases.

On the ministry’s preventive plans, he said the ministry is conducting many laboratory and radiological tests for expatriates in order to protect public health and keep Jordan free from communicable diseases, which can be transmitted through expatriate labor.

He noted the laboratory and radiological tests carried out by the ministry will preserve the health of citizens and expatriates alike.

Source: Jordan News Agency