England’s Farnborough airshow records deals worth $192 billion

England’s Farnborough airshow saw deals worth $192 billion, a jump of more than 50 percent compared to 2016, organizers said Saturday.

The biannual air industry gathering recorded more than 1,400 commercial aircraft orders, valued at $154 billion, alongside at least 1,432 deals for engines worth $21.96 billion, with the mile-high rivalry between Boeing and Airbus — who made the majority of plane orders — swelling sales.

US aviation giant Boeing announced 676 orders, totaling $92 billion at list prices, while its European competitor had unveiled 431 orders worth $70 billion.

There was also a near-10 percent rise in trade visitors compared to previous years, with more than 80,000 visitors passing through the gates, Farnborough said in a statement.

Source: Jordan News Agency