Education minister announces Tawjihi results

Minister of Education Omar Razzaz announced, on Saturday, the results of the 2018 General Secondary Certificate Examination’s (Tawjihi) winter session.

At a press conference Razzaz said that a total of 175,943 students in both academic and vocational streams had registered for this session, 150,509 of whom sat for the exam.

Regular students accounted for 89,441, 80,575 of whom sat for the exam, Razzaz added.

The pass rate for the private-study stood at 69.7 per cent in the scientific stream, 53 per cent in the literary stream and 66.4 per cent in Sharia, Razzaz told the press conference.

As for the private-study for the vocational stream the pass rate stood at 68.9 per cent in the industrial stream, 65.8 in the agricultural stream, 74.2 hospitality stream and 72.5 in the domestic education stream.

Source: Jordan News Agency