East Amman Industrial Zone exports slightly decline in 2016

Amman, East Amman Industrial Zone exports declined by JD2 million in 2017 compared to 2016, according to a report by of East Amman Industrial Investors Society.

The report said that exports of the zone stood at JD329 million in 2017 compared to JD331 million in 2016.

Most exports went to Arab countries with JD277 million followed by Africa with JD23 million, Asia JD18 million, Europe and the Americas with JD11 million each.

Chairman of the society Iyad Abu Haltam exports of the zone last year nearly maintained the same level that was registered in 2016 despite the opening of the Turaibeel border crossing with Iraq.

He said there was no substantial decline in exports, adding that this affirms the ability of national industries to compete in foreign markets due to their high quality.

According to the report, foodstuffs, agricultural and livestock exports amounted to JD82 million, chemicals and cosmetics to JD63 million, and plastics and rubber industries with JD43 million.

Engineering, electrical and information technology exports also reached JD 42 million, construction JD21 million, packaging, paper, cardboard and stationary JD18 and leather and knitwear JD3 million.

Source: Jordan News Agency