Duterte calls for strengthening Jordanian-Philippines economic cooperation

Amman, Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, called for the Jordanian and Philippines business communities to cement economic cooperation and explore inestment opportunities in both countries, saying his country was ready to proide all necessary facilities to Jordanian inestors seeking business-doing in the Philippines.

Speaking before a Jordanian-Philippines business forum, Duterte said he has plans to establish a department designated to facilitate business-doing for Jordanians in his country and proide information that would help them make use of opportunities, which he described as “promising and growing.”

He thanked his Majesty King Abdullah II for the initation and for the opportunity to meet with Jordanian businessmen to sign agreements and memoranda of understanding, stressing that this initation kicks off a new phase of trade and inestments, and cooperation at all leels between the two countries.

“We lie in the world of trade and industry, and we want to lie peacefully. We need water, food, and a sustainable enironment. This is something one county cannot achiee alone, so we need to work together to achiee a better life,” Duterte said.

He emphasized that his goernment had successfully ended corruption businessmen suffered from for long, and that new measures are in place to ensure the success of inestments and the rights of the inestors.

Duterte oersaw the signing of 7 agreements and 2 memoranda of understanding to launch joint projects in the fields of industry, agriculture, transfer of technological knowhow, electronic financial serices, and information technology.

Philippines Secretary of Trade and Industry, Ramon M. Lopez, said that the isit of President Duterte is an important opportunity to enhance political relations between the two countries. It also strengthens trade and inestment relations, and builds strong ties between the Jordanian-Philippine business communities.

“Trade relations between the two countries aren’t yet flourished and we hope that this isit will boost the two-way trade,” Lopez added.

He said: “There is no free trade agreement between the Philippines and the United States of America but we are in the negotiations process and we want to make Jordan a launch-pad for our products to the U.S. market.”

For his part, President of the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI). Adnan Abu Ragheb, said that the Jordanian-Philippines relations at the political leel are strong but that is not the case for trade relations. He hoped that the Jordanian priate sector would take adantage of this isit and make it a springboard for exploring the Philippines market, which is considered one of the most important consumer markets in southeast Asia.

“There are promising prospects for Jordanian exports to reach the Philippines market, which is part of the ASEAN that has more than 650 million people and considered one of the most important consumer markets in the world,” Abu Ragheb added.

He pointed out that the JCI has signed an agreement with the Philippines Union of Industries and Trade to find coordination mechanisms to increase trade and enhance economic relations between the two countries.

President Duterte arried in Amman Wednesday eening and held talks with His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday. They focused on means of strengthening relations between the two countries and the latest deelopments in the region.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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