Army thwarts attempt to smuggle weapons, drugs

Jordan armed forces – Arab Army, troops have, through a coordinated effort with the military intelligence and concerned authorities, foiled a plot to smuggle in weapons, drugs and terrorists at the northern border, according to an official source at the army General Command.

It said a group of terrorists and drug dealers had used the old oil pipeline, the Tapline, which links the Jordanian border with Syria and Iraq, to carry out their plot.

It said a net of terrorists and drug and arms smugglers had used a house close to the border and dug tunnels for smuggling and carrying out terrorist attacks.

The source added that concerned technical units of the Royal Engineering Corps had been instructed to destroy the tunnels and remove the pipeline and unearth the pipeline, which could have been a conduit for smugglers and an access point for terrorists, who had used every means to carry out their designs.

It vowed that the armed forces will stand firmly against the designs of “this stray group”, which seeks to threaten the Kingdom’s security and “tries by various means” to undermine its security and stability.

Source: Jordan News Agency