Aqaba schools turned into shelters as storm wreaks havoc

Aqaba, Education Minister Tayseer Nueimi Saturday ordered that Aqaba schools open as shelters to accommodate citizens whose homes were damaged by a severe storm that hit the Kingdom in the last days.

The storm packed strong winds and brought heavy downpours, flooding homes and farms and causing major disruptions and power outages as utility poles and trees were toppled in many regions.

A task force formed by the education director in Aqaba, one of the worst hit regions, where schools were equipped to receive displaced people, and also sent staff and field crews to reach out to communities affected by the storm and follow up on their needs.

Yesterday, a Royal Marine force in the port city rescued Royal Yacht Club tour boat crews whose vessels sank in the high seas, administered first aid to them and evacuated them to a local hospital.

The Royal Navy warned locals to stay clear of the rough sea as crews removed debris left by the storm and returned the boats to the yacht club.

Source: Jordan News Agency