All possible preventive measures needed to curb alarming rise in Covid-19 local cases-PM

Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, stressed the need to take all possible “preventive and proactive” measures to reduce the number of local Covid-19 cases.


The PM highlighted the importance of vigilance and firmness in implementing relevant Covid-19 instructions,amid the “worrisome” rise in local infections numbers, which have become a “challenge to all”.


Speaking during his visit to the Public Security Directorate (PSD) on Wednesday, Razzaz underlined the importance of taking all possible steps to avoid a second wave of the pandemic, which has hit neighboring countries.


During his meeting with the PSD’s Director, Major Gen. Hussein Hawatmeh, Razzaz praised the measures taken by the government and security apparatuses to impose a quarantine on drivers at border crossings, isolate Ramtha district and monitor implementation of the defense order No. 11, which has contributed to curbing spread of the pandemic among citizens.


Razzaz pointed to the “quick” various measures that have been taken at Al-Omari Border Crossing, aimed to firmly stress compliance with safety, health and public procedures, which confirms that all stakeholders are carrying out their duties fully during this critical stage to face the pandemic.


His Majesty King Abdullah II stresses the need to work in a team spirit and show responsibility to confront this pandemic, Razzaz said, adding Jordan has excelled during the Covid-19 pandemic and the preceding challenges, as it has shown ability to work in a team spirit and respond quickly to emergency events.


Moreover, Razzaz praised the role of the security apparatuses and medical teams in handling the pandemic.


For his part, the PSD director highlighted the level of “effective” coordination and complementarity of roles among the various national law enforcement institutions, and lauded orders that aim to preserve the security and safety of citizens in facing the pandemic.


Hawatmeh said the PSD will continue to perform its security and humanitarian duties “seriously and professionally,” and in accordance with the highest standards of responsiveness in all circumstances, pointing out the directorate has harnessed all its administrative and human capabilities to support national efforts to confront the Covid-19.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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