7th Jordan International Film Festival opens Tuesday

Amman, The 7th edition of the Jordan International Film Festival will open Tuesday at the Royal Cultural Center and will run through October 13th featuring 29 local, Arab and foreign films.

The festival aims to develop the Jordanian film and drama industry and create a local cinema movement with a real and effective presence. Ten films are competing for the eight awards of the festival, namely from Poland, Andorra, Morocco, Egypt, France, Germany and Afghanistan, in addition to three Jordanian films produced for the festival.

Director of the Festival Abdul Karim Jarrah said the event is an important “institutional” step towards the development of the Jordanian film industry by upgrading the capabilities of filmmakers themselves whether directors, writers or producers.

Jarrah added during a press conference on Monday at the Ministry of Culture that the previous sessions have achieved their goals in terms of screening films in the various governorates of the Kingdom, noting that the festival organizers selected 29 films from 2900 films received to be viewed during this year’s edition of the festival.

Source: Jordan News Agency