545 people so far received Covid-19 vaccine in Aqaba, says health director

The number of citizens who received the Covid-19 vaccine doses in Aqaba governorate has reached about 545 since the start of the national immunization campaign countrywide a week ago, according to a medical source.


In a press statement, director of Aqaba health affairs, Dr. Saeb Abu Aboud, said the turnout to receive the vaccine in the port city of Aqaba and its suburbs was “good,” while the percentage in the southern district of Al-Quwaira was “very weak,” indicating that the number of people who received jabs on Wednesday stood at 140.


To help render better turnout, he called on citizens in Aqaba governorate to register on the announced gov’t website to take vaccines, with the aim of preserving public health and safety and preventing the virus spread.


Three main station were established to receive the vaccine in the southern city, two located in Aqaba and the other in the Al-Quwaira district, according to the statement.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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