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‫‫مجموعة الفردان تدخل القطاع الطبي عبر “الفردان الطبية ونورث وسترن مديسن”

الدوحة، قطر، 26 يناير 2019 دخلت مجموعة الفردان القطاع الطبي في قطر للمرة الأولى عبر إطلاق مركزٍ للرعاية الطبية بالشراكة مع نورث وسترن مديسن؛ المؤسسة الطبية الأمريكية الرائدة في مجال الرعاية والخدمات الصحية. وقد كشفت المجموعة النقاب

Finance minister follows up on measures to combat tax evasion

Amman, The weekly meeting Finance Minister Ezzedine Kanakrieh holds with heads of financial departments focused on steps adopted to crackdown on tax and customs duty evasion among other procedures, according to a statement.

It said today’s meeting focused on the …

Fayez: Jordan seeks normal relations with Syria

Amman, Senate President Faisal Fayez said Saturday that Jordan’s stance towards Syria is “clear and firm” and is based on finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis, ending fighting, preserving the unity of the country and its people and

Final stage of Iran’s army military maneuvers kicks off

Amman, The he final phase of the “Eqtedar (Power)” large-scale war game, involving 12,000 assault forces from all units of the Army Ground Force, began on Saturday morning with Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi in attendance.

The state-run news …

Jordan, Sudan discuss cooperation in agriculture

Amman, Minister of Agriculture and Environment Ibrahim Al-Shahahdeh said his visit to Sudan yesterday focused on the importance of cooperation in the field of agriculture.

The visit, Shahahdeh added, also tackled facilitating the flow of agricultural commodities leveraging the comparative …

Jordan enjoys pleasant weather Saturday, but cold, rain forecast next two days

Amman, The Kingdom will enjoy a short interlude of mild conditions as temperatures forecast to rise 8-9 degrees Celsius above their annual, but not for long as relatively cold and rainy conditions are on the way.

According to the Jordan