Health Minister urges strict adherence to COVID-19 safety regulations

Irbid, Health Minister Nathir Obeidat Tuesday urged strict adherence to public safety regulations and defence orders on election day, including social distancing, avoiding gatherings and wearing masks, to guard against the coronavirus. “Today is a constitutional merit and a national duty that His Majesty King Abdullah wanted to be in its brightest image,” he told Petra after casting his vote

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Pharmacies to operate from 10am to 6pm during lockdown: JPA president

Amman, Pharmacies will be operating from 10am to 6pm during the lockdown, planned to come into force on Tuesday at 11pm and end on Sunday at 6am, President of the Jordan Pharmacists Association (JPA), Zaid Kilani announced. Pharmacies will operate via delivery of medicines to homes in emergencies and receiving citizens in pharmacies won’t be permitted, whatever the reasons are,

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