Jordan partakes in Bahrain pre-employment exhibition

Amman: The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, along with public and private Jordanian universities, have participated in the Bahrain Exhibition for Pre-Employment Training and Education.

The exhibition aims to introduce university graduates and high school students to the available educational, training, and career opportunities, as well as labor market needs and the skills required in various sectors.

According to a higher education ministry statement released Sunday, the exhibition also housed meetings, workshops, and lectures for the youth with the participation of Bahraini, Jordanian, and Gulf university representatives.

During the forum, the ministry’s Secretary-General Mamoun Deebi spoke about students’ predicament in choosing a university major, which he described as an important challenge for the ministry, the Higher Education Council, and the student’s families.

He added that Jordanian higher education institutions and medical specializations increased in the last two years along with the increase in the number of students with approximately 400,000 students in public and private universities.

Jordanian universities have features that attract Arab and foreign students, including diversity in majors, the creation of new majors needed in the labor market, the use of a semester credit hours system, and studies in the English language for scientific majors, he stated.

According to Deebi, 11,315 expatriate students have enrolled in higher education institutions in Jordan since the start of the current academic year, totaling 41,850 expats (11 percent of the overall number of students) studying in the Kingdom.

Jordan’s participation in the exhibition is part of a Cabinet-approved strategic plan to attract foreign students for the years (2023-2027), drawn up by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Jordan Tourism Board.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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