Senate committee endorses draft Child Rights Law for 2022

The Senate’s joint legal and women committee , headed by Ahmed Tbeishat, on Thursday approved draft Child Rights Law for 2022, as referred by Lower House.

At a committee’s meeting, attended by Minister of Justice, Ahmed Ziyadat, Minister of State for Legal Affairs Wafaa Bani Mustafa, and other concerned officials, Tbeishat said the bill was redrafted in line with religious values, provisions of Islamic sharia, and Jordanian society’s customs.

As for its mandating reasons, the bill came following the Kingdom’s ratification of UN Convention on Rights of the Child in 2006, which requires taking legislative, administrative and other appropriate measures to observe child rights in this document.

The draft law also seeks to align with Jordan’s constitutional amendments, which emphasized children protection aimed to enhance care provided to this group by creating legislations regulating coordination among public, civil and private agencies concerned with children affairs.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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