PTC: more than half million subscribers to Internet services

The Public Telecommunications Corporation said that the number of Internet subscribers reached 531,405 subscribers to ADSL, LTE 4G, and FTTH optical fibers until the middle of this year.

A report issued by the PTC, stated that the number of ADSL subscribers reached 433,000, with speeds of up to eight megabytes, while the number of 4G subscribers reached 100,000 subscribers, with speeds of up to 30 megabytes.

The number of fiber optic internet subscribers, which is available in city centers in the provinces, has reached 3,400, with speeds reaching 100 megabytes, the report added.

The report indicated that the three Internet options meet the needs of individual citizens, major clients, institutions, government and private companies, and banks, stressing that the PTC is working to keep up with everything new in the world of communications and the Internet to enable everyone to access Internet services easily and effectively according to high capacities and speeds.

It stated that the PTC is proceeding according to modern strategies and plans towards the transition to advanced generations and the latest systems, as the transition to the fourth generation (4G) was made to keep pace with developments in the world of communications and the Internet.

The report stated that the number of fixed-line subscribers reached 752,000.

It indicated that the number of sites hosted in the Yemeni portal (ye) reached 467 sites, ranging from educational, governmental, news, commercial, companies, organizations, and health, hosting within the official national domain is characterized by privacy, security, data integrity, and content and protection from hackers.

The report emphasized that the protection of sites when hosted on the national domain (ye.) is carried out according to the latest modern electronic systems, and is updated periodically to keep up with everything new in the world of systems.

It added that “One of the advantages of hosting is the free e-mail service, which gives the control panel feature free of charge and separately, according to the latest technologies in the world of communications technology.”

With regard to spatial hosting services for virtual servers for establishments, cashiers and companies, they amounted to 69 hosted companies during the first half of this year, which enables the subscriber to rent and reserve a safe and air-conditioned spatial space sufficient to place his computer resources (servers) in DATA CENTER affiliated with the institution equipped with modern cabins and an integrated infrastructure to provide the appropriate environment to work in a stable and constant manner, according to the report.

According to the report, the spatial hosting services for virtual servers are characterized by easy access to other services of the organization available in data centers, especially those related to data transmission and communication and networking with subscriber branches.

It pointed out that spatial hosting of virtual servers eliminates the need for equipment, electricity and infrastructure, at a lower price and a specific IP, and enjoys privacy, safety and spatial hosting.

The report noted that hosting for virtual servers has international standards in terms of security, fire protection systems, permanent guarding, air conditioning, surveillance cameras and security and safety means.

It indicated that connecting the available servers through a dedicated high-speed Internet access line to ensure uninterrupted service, and providing servers and hosted equipment with permanent and stable electrical energy sources at all times, and a steady and continuous flow of data at high capacities and controlling it through fixed Internet addresses.

The report indicated that hosting for virtual servers contains cabins and racks with modern and advanced specifications and technologies of high quality, and sufficient spaces suitable to accommodate subscribers’ equipment that provides high flexibility for growth and expansion.

It is worth noting that the Data Report website, which specializes in collecting statistics related to the Internet, reported in the latest statistics for this year that the number of Internet users in Yemen reached 9,100,000 users, while the number of social media users reached 3,500,000.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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