Saudi-Arab-African Economic Conference to Kick Off Tomorrow

Riyadh, The Saudi-Arab-African Economic Conference will kick off tomorrow in the presence of a number of officials of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab and African countries. Leaders of finance, business and investment from the government and private sectors, trade federations, international organizations, prominent figures in the academic field and think tanks will meet to discuss relations and cooperation opportunities, bringing with it a number of rich sessions and investment opportunities at the Hilton Hotel in Riyadh.

The conference will begin its work with an opening speech delivered by Minister of Finance Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan. Then, the first session, titled ‘Energy Access — Building Sustainable Energy Partnerships’, will discuss strengthening partnerships between the Kingdom and Africa in the energy sector to accelerate sustainable development. The second session will highlight the importance of joint efforts between the Kingdom and Africa to advance a sustainable economic future, titled ‘Investing in the Future’.

In its third session, ‘Strengthening Cooperation to Safeguard Regional and Global Food Security’, the conference will provide a comprehensive perspective of the agricultural landscape, its capabilities, challenges, and food security in the Kingdom and Africa. Then, the conference will discuss the importance of knowledge, skills and abilities among young people in economic growth and their impact on increasing productivity and raising the level of income during the fourth session, titled ‘Human Capital — Key to Economic Growth’.

The conference will also discuss the mining sector, its challenges and opportunities for cooperation and growth between the Kingdom and the African continent during the fifth session, which is titled ‘A New Era of Responsible and Sustainable Extractive Industries’, followed by the sixth session titled ‘Re-imagining Tourism — New Global Cultural and Tourism Destinations’ which will discuss enhancing cooperation in the tourism sector between the Kingdom and Africa and reviewing their tourism initiatives and the challenges they face.

The seventh and final session, titled ‘Roadmap for Sustainable Development’, will shed light on the pivotal role of Saudi and Arab development institutions, banks and funds in shaping Africa’s sustainable and prosperous future.

In order to achieve the conference’s goal of strengthening the Saudi-Arab-African partnership in a number of economic and investment aspects, the conference will include various agreements and investments in important areas such as achieving food security, enhancing agricultural, industrial, mining and commercial partnerships, in addition to enhancing environmental trade between the Kingdom and the African continent and creating a platform for exporters and importers from both sides.

The conference starts tomorrow, November 9, 2023, at 9:30 am, while it will conclude at 4:30 pm, and it will be broadcast live through the Ministry of Finance’s accounts on social media platforms, including YouTube (MOFKSA2011), the X and Facebook platforms (MOFKSA).

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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