Kingdom’s Sport Fishing Championship Kicks Off with 170 Fishermen from 13 Countries Participating

The Saudi Water Sports and Diving Federation (SWSDF) launched the Kingdom Sports Fishing Championship 2023 in Jeddah today. The event has the participation of more than 170 fishermen from 13 countries divided into 31 teams. The tournament will continue until October 28th.

This initiative aligns with the ambitious Vision 2030 of stimulating and developing the promising entertainment and sports industry in the Kingdom. It aims to showcase the potential of the Red Sea as a thriving water sports destination with a prosperous future.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of SWSDF, Prince Sultan bin Fahd bin Salman, emphasized the importance of the Kingdom’s Sports Fishing Championship in promoting watersports activities in the Red Sea. He added that millions worldwide practice the sport of fishing, and by organizing this tournament in the Red Sea, they want to provide a comprehensive vision for the world. He said this would enable them to see the capabilities and relative advantages of the Red Sea in hosting international marine championships, and the Kingdom’s ability to host sport fishing tournaments at the highest level will achieve its desired goals.

The tournament also confirms the pioneering role played by the Ministry of Sports in establishing various sports, encouraging members of society to practice them, and exploiting the potential of the Red Sea coast to practice different water sports.

The Saudi Red Sea Authority works as a successful partner alongside the Border Guard and SWSDF. It ensures the protection of the environment in which the maritime, water, and recreational sports and activities in the Red Sea are carried out.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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