World needs initiatives to enhance freedom, justice — Senate Head

Astana, Senate President Faisal Fayez Tuesday called for clear strategies to enhance coexistence and acceptance, build participatory relations, promote sustainable development and unify efforts toward various issues of common interest to Euroasian countries.

In a speech at the 4th Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of Eurasian Countries, which started today in the Kazakh capital Astana, Fayez said that collective efforts based on trust and respect will enable the world to overcome the chaos sweeping the world in the shadow of the breaches and challenge of the international law that (are committed) under unacceptable excuses.

“Our world today is swept by chaos, a world in which hundreds of thousands innocent people were killed and an equal number became refugees in other countries, one where international norms and conventions were violated, one that became inclined to extremism and violence where hatred and racism hold dominant and where justice, equality and freedom are absent,” he said.

He called for serious action to counter such practices and negative phenomena, which are unacceptable and threaten humanity and destabilize the world, urging parliamentarians to help achieve the goal of building bridges of cooperation and enhancing the partnership among Euroasian nations.

Fayez called on parliamentarians to help build a collective effort to achieve the objectives of the Fourth Conference, which is to build confidence and bridges of cooperation, and strengthen partnership between the countries and peoples of Eurasia.

He said that the people of the Middle East had lost trust, and despair reigned in, as the region became an arena of conflict by the dominant powers and regional countries interfered in “our internal affairs.”

He said Jordan supports Gulf Cooperation Council States, top of which is Saudi Arabia, in their efforts to safeguard their security and stability in “this geopolitically important and sensitive region.”

Source: Jordan News Agency