Water minister attends ceremony of 60th anniversary of German-Jordanian cooperation

Amman, Minister of Water and Irrigation Raed Abu Al-Saud affirmed the importance of German cooperation in the water sector in Jordan.

Speaking at the official ceremony of the 60th anniversary of cooperation between the Jordanian and German governments, Abu Al-Saud said German cooperation will help the Kingdom address water challenges and enable it to provide various water services, improve performance and the water situation.

He added that Germany understands the nature of challenges facing the water sector in Jordan and the additional pressure on scarce water resources, particularly with regard to the influx of refugees.

“In sixty years, we have seen the solidarity between Jordan and Germany, the participation of German expertise and the contributions of the German people in supporting their Jordanian friends who are currently facing one of the most difficult challenges,” the minister noted.

He said the deficit is evident in water budgets due to consecutive refugee waves that Jordan has been witnessing since 1948, calling for an international support for Jordan.

Abu Al-Saud indicated that the Jordanian per capita share of water in 1946 was about 3600 cubic meters per year, one of the richest water quotas in the world, but it declined due to consecutive refugee waves (1948, 1967, 1983, 1990, 2003, 2011) to less than 87 cubic meters / year.

“The implementation of major projects, especially desalination, is the only hope for Jordan’s future water,” the minister concluded.

German Ambassador to Jordan Birgitta Maria Siefker-Eberle said the German-Jordanian cooperation began in 1959, and since then, both countries have worked intensively to promote sustainable development in Jordan.

“We achieved important results in the field of water, wastewater, education, employment promotion, environmental protection and solid waste management,” she added, noting that 800,000 people in the northern governorates benefit from the water supply project funded by the German government.

Source: Jordan News Agency