Warsaw cancels Israeli delegation’s visit over property restitution

Occupied Jerusalem, Poland has cancelled a prescheduled visit by an Israeli delegation amid a smoldering dispute over the restitution of Jewish property seized during and after the “Holocaust.”

Israeli “Yedioth Ahronoth” newspaper on Monday said that the Israeli delegation from the Ministry for Social Equality and Ministry of Foreign Affairs left for Warsaw, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland canceled the visit.

The Polish foreign ministry posted on its official website: “Poland had decided to cancel a visit from Israeli officials after the Israel made last-minute changes on the composition of the delegation which could suggest that the talks were meant to focus on property restitution.”

Thousands of nationalist took to the streets of the Polish capital Warsaw to protest an Israeli law that calls for the restitution of property of the Jewish faith adherents that were compensated during and after the “Nazi Holocaust,” which accentuates prior to the parliamentary elections later this year.

Source: Jordan News Agency