U.S threatens Moscow with “international consequences” after massive cyber attack

The White House on Thursday threatened Russia with “international consequences” for the “Notte-Betia” attack, the most destructive and costly in history, a statement said.

The White House said the attack by the Russian army in June 2017 was “irresponsible and indiscriminate and would have international consequences.” “Nut-Betia has spread rapidly throughout the world, causing billions of dollars in losses in Europe, Asia and the Americas,” he said in the statement.

According to Washington, the attack “was part of the Kremlin’s current efforts to destabilize Ukraine and more clearly shows Russia’s involvement in the conflict” in the country.

Britain on Thursday blamed Moscow, especially the Russian military, for the electronic attack.

But the Kremlin categorically denied the charges. It is nothing but a continuation of the campaign of hatred against the Russians, spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Source: Jordan News Agency