U.S. delegation visits University of Jordan

An academic U.S. delegation, on Wednesday, visited the University of Jordan, as part of a visit to Jordan to learn about historical, scientific and cultural centers in the Kingdom.

The visit of the U.S. delegation, which included academics from American universities and society colleges and was organized by the University of Jordan and the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR), aims to recognize the higher education sector in Jordan in general and the educational system at the University of Jordan in particular.

The University of Jordan Vice President for Humanities Faculties, Ahmad Majdoubeh briefed the delegation on features of the higher education sector in Jordan, which included its establishment, goals, current landscape and key challenges it faces.

Majdoubeh pointed out to the scientific milestones in the development process of the University of Jordan, starting form its transition to the credit hours system in 1972, until its approval of the integrated education system in 2017.

The delegation toured the university’s library and American Corner, and checked on it key services it provides to students and the local community. They also visited museums of folklore and antiquities.

Source: Jordan News Agency