Two cruise ships to dock in Aqaba tomorrow with 5300 tourists

Aqaba, 5,300 European tourists are scheduled to arrive via two cruise ships in Aqaba on Friday, said the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA).

ASEZA Commissioner for Economic Development and Investment Affairs Sharhabeel Madi said Aqaba, some 330km south of Amman, is expected to receive 100 thousand visitors of various nationalities to the end of next April.

Madi said Aqaba has become a sea bridge for global tourism, through the reception of international tourist ships carrying thousands of tourists.

Aqaba is the ideal model for the tourist and commercial investment environment that is active and attractive to tourists and investments, he noted, adding these ships dock in the Red Sea city within the Aqaba tourism promotion program, which has attracted dozens of passenger ships so far, and more are expected in the coming weeks.

Aqaba’s tourist movement is witnessing activity during this period of the year, where a number of giant cruise ships carrying tourists from various European countries and America are expected to dock in the city, he pointed out.

During the next tourism season, he said 100 thousand visitors will arrive onboard giant cruise vessels.

Source: Jordan News Agency