Trump’s administration sponsors Judaization: Palestinian Foreign Ministry

The US “blind” support to Israel and its policies paved the way for Tel Aviv to carry out “expansionist schemes,” in the occupied Palestinian territories, and Jerusalem in particular, said the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Thursday.

The statement noted these Israeli plans eye to create a new reality in which any proposals for political solutions to the conflict become “unrealistic and a mere delusion,” which will undermine prospects for peace on the basis of the two-state solution.

The ministry called on the Security Council and countries committed to the two-state solution to ramp up efforts to end Israel’s settlement policies that aim to protract the occupation.

The incapacity to hold Israel accountable for its crimes and violations of the international law spur Tel Aviv to go further in tampering with the legal and historical reality of the occupied Palestinian territories, under direct support of the US administration, the statement added.

On a related context, the ministry condemned the Knesset’s endorsement of a bill to allow construction in the so-called “National Parks” in the occupied Jerusalem, a step that has never been taken since 40 years.

In case this plan takes effect it can be described a “colonial octopus” reaching out to the heart of Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem that would defragment the holy city, warned the ministry.

Source: Jordan News Agency