Trump’s administration plan to help arm school staff

U.S President Donald Trump’s administration will step up aid to states that want to arm school employees under a plan to reduce gun violence at schools and to increase campus safety after the killing of 17 people in Florida last month, US officials announced late Sunday.

“The administration will be working with states to provide rigorous firearms training to specifically qualified volunteer school personnel,” the presidential assistant and director of the Domestic Policy Council, Andrew Bremberg said.

A senior official said that there are already “a multitude of programs that exist across the country where school personnel are trained in conjunction with state or local law enforcement,” noting that the administration is “working with the Department of Justice to continue and increase the amount of help” for such initiatives.

The controversial idea to put weapons in schools, which has drawn little support from educators, is part of a “pragmatic plan to dramatically increase school safety and to take steps to do so right away,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said.

Source: Jordan News Agency